Fair Play Award - Point Table

NO Name of Club           GP Point
2 Coast Gymkhana           6 60
1 Mombasa Simba Sports Club         6 57
3 Memon Sports Club           6 57
5 Burhani Sports Club           6 54
6 Jaffery Sports Club           6 46
4 Shree Cutchi L. Patel Samaj         6 45
7 Mombasa Sports Club         6 43

A Fair Play Award is the award presented to team to encourage the Players, Playing the NIC Cup, to play with right sprit. The winner will be decided on the basis of points the umpires give to the teams.
After each match, the two on-field umpires, scores the performance of both the teams. A team can be awarded a total of ten points per match,
1.      4 Points are given on the basis of how the team has adhered to the “Spirit of game” on and off the field.
2.      2 Points for respect towards the opposition
3.      2 Points for awareness and application of Laws of Cricket & Playing Conditions.
4.      2 Points for respect to umpire and their decision.
2 on-field umpires are sole judge for this point system.